Elaine Conway, Counsellor BACP Registered Therapist in Monument,
Moorgate and Finchley

How does Counselling help?

Counselling (or talking therapy) is about the collaboration between the Counsellor and Client to understand, reflect and heal any past or current issues within a client's life. Counselling can offer clients the opportunity to start thinking about their difficulties and life with a new perspective and can help clients become more aware and conscious of how they have chosen to live their lives up to this point. Counselling aims to strengthen the core self, heal the self from past experiences, build self esteem where it's been lost, and also helps clients to become more aware and present within the moment.

Research shows the relationship between the Therapist and the client is the most fundamental aspect of the therapy, therefore I aim to build a good working alliance from the onset with my clients

Counselling can also strengthen the connection between your body and mind. Sometimes, one can experience sensations in the body, which have no medical explanation. Anxiety, stress and trauma can show up very powerfully in the body. Sometimes, there will be no memories of traumas, however the body can remember and you may start to experience some psychosomatic symptoms, or you may have a strong reaction to a smell, taste or a felt sensation which you don't understand. Counselling can help clients to understand some of their past traumas, their addictions, anxieties, which can lead to more harmonious feelings.

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